Friday, January 23, 2015

football yardline chocolate spoons

hope you guys like chocolate spoons.
cuz i declare it "chocolate spoon week"!

that sounds much better than 
"let's be brain-dead for other blog ideas week".

did you catch my recent spoon post
cuz that's what got me thinking of these and with 
"official love your heart day" 
and "hope your football isn't deflated day" coming up, 
i made these:
i used these to decorate:
cuz when i was staring at the valentine  spoons, i thought 
"dang they sure look like footballs."

yeah, that's the ticket.
so when you draw the numbers, draw them in 
consecutive order like 50-40-30 for one 
then 20-10-goalpost for the other.
or just draw the numbers, whatever you want.
it's a touchdown!
well, actually a buncha touchdowns all in less than an hour cuz i made a dozen spoons.
less than an hour for a buncha touchdowns?
sounds like my kinda game.
that way there's more time for eating.
and if you are wondering why chocolate spoons would be cool for superbowl day, 
then think superbowl breakfast with hot cocoa.

just make sure not to dunk the paint part in it unless you wanna poison someone... 

or you can make spoonful scoops of football fudge instead.

another cool idea would be to get spoons to match the color of your fave team and write the team's name on the spoon.
too bad i have no fave team to do that so i'll leave those spoons up to you to help celebrate 
national chocolate spoon week

so that's about how much i know about football. 
i think that's plenty enough?!?