Wednesday, May 27, 2015

nyc skyline cake pops

hi guys!
oh it's good to be back.

i've been away for a short bit if you haven't noticed, 
and it was due to life being crazy busy.

being away from blogging is actually quite freeing but 
i still had the itch to share, but no time to do so.

one of the things i can share with you though is something i made for a friend of mine.

check it out:
it's a cake pop display :)
because a lot of what draws people to a product is how it is presented.

so i thought of a city right away when my friend said she loved new york and this is how i came up with it.
the styrofoam block came from michael's 
and was 18 x 12 inches.
i cut it in half for this project.

i had a scrapbook paper pad from jo ann's that had the cloud paper in it.
i tried to line the 2 sheets to match as much as possible-
not perfect but i didn't care...
when i glued it, it actually stayed up-
 i was SO excited!

i was totally winging everything-i'm not good with planning out crafts-i get too impatient and can't wait to see the end result.
luckily this one worked :)
then came the next step.
i needed to make the cake pops, which i just used mini vanilla funfetti cupcakes that i bought from from walmart and smooshed 1 cupcake for each pop.

then i went to drawing on them with food markers, something i was into and forgot to take pics for you.
one of my black markers was running out but it made a great gray color-perfect for the skyscrapers.

so i made 5 of them, 6 taxi cabs, and one apple.
i carefully pushed a hole thru the gray cardstock into the styrofoam with a plain lollipop stick then pushed all the way thru with the actual cake pop.

Ooo! what do you want to see first?
a broadway show? the empire state building?
statue of liberty? times square?

dang! i ain't gettin' anywhere!?!

hello? anyone?
either that or take the subway.
i think i'll just eat a taxi cake pop and think about it some more...