Tuesday, September 16, 2014

fall tree cookie bag

i miss the fall.
the colored leaves, the cool crisp air, the smell of pumpkins.

'round here it's green leaves, humid air and the smell of mosquito repellant.

i grew "up north" as people in FL say all the time, and lived there for 21 years before moving down here and boy oh boy, fall was one of my favorite seasons ever!

i'd move back north in a heartbeat but since i can't at the moment, i'm bringing fall down to my parts of the world.

with cookies.
and presentation nonetheless.
cuz fall is all about presentation with all it's glorious gorgeous color.

let's begin.

bake as directed, and as soon as they are outta the oven, 
do this:
i waited til they were too cool and then cut them like a dummy cuz i was multitasking and forgot to do it right away, 
thus the crumbs.
but it still worked out.

betcha thought spoon and cookies wouldn't go together huh?
my brain is weird.
hey look what you just planted.

so if fall isn't in your neck of the woods, or even if it is, how'd you like to jump in a pile of cookie leaves?
see ya there.